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A little mermaid comic. - Hug your destiny!
August 5th, 2015
06:20 pm
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A little mermaid comic.
So I'll get to regular life stuff eventually but for this post I wanted to share a comic I found in the 50 cent bin. It had no cover and so I have no idea who wrote/drew/published it. It's kind of beat up but what do you want for the price? Anyway on to the comic:

the little mermaid.jpg

the little mermaid1.jpg
Yup 14 and not wearing any clothing. You're probably on a list for viewing this now.

the little mermaid2.jpg
She's not completely alone. The turtle is with her.

the little mermaid3.jpg

the little mermaid4.jpg

the little mermaid5.jpg
Screw comfort you need FASHION!

the little mermaid6.jpg

the little mermaid7.jpg
Three cheers for the oldest five year old in the world!

the little mermaid8.jpg
Duck and cover lady! They're firing at you!

the little mermaid9.jpg
Thor doesn't like it when you shoot at mermaids.

the little mermaid10.jpg

the little mermaid11.jpg

the little mermaid12.jpg
The turtle is still with her. Good gosh is it loyal.

the little mermaid13.jpg

the little mermaid14.jpg
One of the things I enjoyed about Frozen was it called out this sort of "Oh I looked at him and spent a few hours with him therefore truest of true love!!!"

the little mermaid15.jpg
I doubt he would laugh. I'm unsure of the time period but his reaction could be "Unholy creature! Guards! Quickly we must purge this abomination in the name of the Almighty!" if it were the dark ages or "What a curious thing. I wonder if I can lure it to shore for dissection?" if it's the enlightenment.

the little mermaid16.jpg
"I must find a way to get legs!" I think this obsession has gone too far. She's starting to sound like a serial killer.

the little mermaid17.jpg

the little mermaid18.jpg

the little mermaid19.jpg
Thank goodness her tail turned into a dress or the FBI would be knocking at my door about now.
Also you can't beat the loyalty of a turtle.

the little mermaid20.jpg

the little mermaid21.jpg
Maybe she can text?

the little mermaid22.jpg
Remember kids if you're pretty the world with treat you like royalty.

the little mermaid23.jpg
Fairytale romances are messed up.

the little mermaid24.jpg
The turtle stood guard over them. It even seems to be waging it's tail when it sees her.

the little mermaid25.jpg
Stupid dog, leave the turtle alone! I wonder it it's crying because it was chased away or if it knows that marriage means it won't get to spend much time with her anymore.

the little mermaid26.jpg
The vows were completed at 11:59PM

the little mermaid27.jpg
I would wonder how her family knew to come up then but I'm sure the ever loyal turtle told them.

And thus ended the story the way the author intended.

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Date:August 20th, 2015 04:49 pm (UTC)
Ooooo I love this! I'll have to do some digging to see if I can find more information about this comic. ;)
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Date:August 20th, 2015 07:28 pm (UTC)
Ok here's what I dug up...

The comic is from the Classics Illustrated Junior ongoing series named The Little Mermaid (obviously). It is issue #525. Cover Price was only .15 cents. It was published in April of 1956 by Famous Authors, Ltd. (The Gilberton Company, Inc.) Pencils, Ink & Color was done by William A Walsh and the editor was Meyer A. Kaplan


Here's some history on Classics Illustrated Junior comics...

And if you google 'Classics Illustrated Junior 525', you'll see that the images match your pages. ;)
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Date:August 20th, 2015 10:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info. When I saw this at the store I knew it was something you'd enjoy.
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