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Hug your destiny!

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Salad Barbarian
10 November 1982

I mainly created this journal to comment in various communities and make some friends outside of work. I tend to be random and use somewhat obscure references. So if you don't get something it just means you're normal.

Some info about me: I'm: a Christian, libertarian, goth, childfree, pro-life, and a dreamer

I'm a night person but when I'm awake during the day I like to wander around downtown and take pictures. I'm shy in real life but I hope that won't affect me here.

If you are wondering about my name I took it from a series of super hero stories that I enjoyed years ago. After trying several other names (like Hydrogen Guy) that were rejected by LJ I gave SB a try and I've grown to love it. So much so that it's my user name for most sites. Sadly the epic tales of daring do that inspired my moniker seem to have faded away. But as far as I'm concerned he and his faithful sidekick Dressing Lad are still out there fighting the good fight!

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